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Sedona Humane Society and Simon



We got a call one morning from a very nice lady at the Sedona Humane Society who had been passed a note about our family.  Let me explain:  I receive the Humane Society’s newsletter “Paw Prints” and each issue they do a story on a cat or dog.  At the end of the story it said to submit pictures and a story…it might be printed.  That was the reason for the call.  She said she had looked at “Cassiesstory” and could not resist running the story of Simon’s family.

Paw Prints and “Someone to Love”

The Rest of SedonaKathy’s family

Puki Cassie Bo

Simon and the Cichlids

February 2019 and we have some additions and some subtractions…

First, Simon is all grown up and still friends with Bo

Cassie and Puki have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Cassie at 19 years of age and Puki at 18 years of age.  Both are in our garden.  Their spirits remain.

We were happy to take in this adorable Persian, Princess Vi when her family moved to Cabo San Lucas…  She loves being adored… LOL.


Our thanks to the Humane Society of Sedona for giving our family such kind words.  All of our kitties are rescues:  Puki from the Puako Transfer Station on the Big Island, Cassie from the PetSmart foster program of years ago (18), Bo from the Big Island AdvoCats foster program.  And Bubba, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 20.

We appreciate you!

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